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Misotheism Sestava
Giulio Moschini - guitars
Paolo Pieri - guitars and vocals
Marco Mastrobuono - bass
Davide Billia - drums

01. Mass Crucifixion Of Kings
02. Blight And Conquer
03. Fallen From Ivory Towers
04. The Second Babel
05. Lamb Of The Seven Sins
06. Flames Of Merciless Gods
07. Sovereign Nation
08. Dura Lex Sed Lex
09. Iudex
10. Occult Den Of Snakes

Limited edition bonus tracks:
11. Misconception
12. Slavery In A Deaf Decay
13. Hierarchy Of The Fools

Datum vydání: 25.říjen 2019

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"Misotheism" was worked on in three different locations. Drums were tracked at Bloom Recording Studio (Italy), the Kick Recording Studio (Italy), where guitars, bass and vocals were recorded with Marco Mastrobuono
mixed and mastered at Hertz Studios (Behemoth, Vader, Decapitated)
cover: Gyula Havancsák