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From Parts Unknown

EVERY TIME I DIE - From Parts Unknown

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Keith Buckley – vocals
Jordan Buckley – guitar
Andy Williams – guitar
Stephen Micciche – bass
Ryan Leger – drums, percussion

Brian Fallon (GASLIGHT ANTHEM) - vocals
Sean Ingram (COALESCE) - vocals

01. The Great Secret
02. Pelican Of The Desert
03. Decayin’ With The Boys
04. Overstayer
05. If There Is Room To Move, Things Move
06. Moor
07. Exometrium
08. Thirst
09. Old Light
10. All Structures Are Unstable
11. El Dorado
12. Idiot

Datum vydání: 01.červenec 2014

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produkce: Kurt Ballou v GodCity Studio (Salem, Massachusetts)

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Every Time I Die, From Parts Unknown, hardcore, punk, southern rock, mathcore, chaotic hardcore