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Death Metal (early) Melodic Death Metal (later), Atmospheric Doom


1995, Trnava

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Brano Glida - Vocals
Milos "Micic" Kosak - Guitar (Mine)
Dodo Zachar - Guitar
Roman Liska - Bass
Jozef Slovak - Drums


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In the very beginning there was nothing but a great desire, long hair and blue jeans. But then it burst out.....

The creation of DYSANCHELY dates back to 1995. In that time, the group was formed of Miloš Kosák (Mičič) - guitar, Jozef Zachar (Dodo) - guitar and Milan Lux - drums. This formation attracted many other fans and soon was enlarged by Lojzo Horák - vocals and Braňo Glinda - bass guitar.

In this quite stable combination, the cast of Dysanchely struggled to cultivate its sound into perfect style and harmony. We can say it was not useless due to decent musical background of all members, although we must admit there wasn't anything outstanding in their playing history.

Single changes in an otherwise constant formation presented those at the post of a female vocalist. In that era, it wasn't common to have one in metal group. Anyway, the very first girl who appeared in the group was Zuzka Grujbárová. She also took part in the recording of first demo - Messengers of Destruction (1996),which was followed by a few concerts. Later in 1996 the door of the recording studio closed untill the new demo Eternal Sleep was created. It was sent to various publishers and while waiting for response, some new material arised.

The first CD - Tears (1998) was made in cooperation with Czech publisher - Leviathan records. Zuzka had left the group just before Tears was recorded, and she was replaced by Alena Pichlerová and Nela Horváthová who were responsible for vocals on Tears. The release of Tears is followed by several quite successful concerts.

Shortly after, there were some disagreements in the group which caused that Alena decided to leave. In 2001, a new MC - Songs of Sorrow, was made. It came out in Russia together with Oupiric Production as Leviathan rec. was not interested in further cooperation. Soon after Songs of Sorrow was released, Nela started to sing in Thalarion and left Dysanchely. Not to get bored, changes in the group continues. Milan decided to quit as well as Lojzo, who left the group in 2001. This era wasn't the best one and it took Dysanchely some time to get over. Braňo (bass guitar) took up vocals and the vacant position of drummer was serviced by na automatic one, so-called "nalim". Although "nalim" participated in a few concerts, he didn´t meet all the requirements of the group and soon was replaced by a real drummer - Lukáš Šiška (Shushka). In this exlusively "male" formation - Mičič, Dodo, Braňo and Shushka many new material has came up. In 2003, it was transformed into a new CD Secrets of the Sun, that was made together with MetalAge Productions. Shuska didn´t stay for a long time and left the group. His position has been quickly replaced by Jozef Slovák (Jojo), who has been playing drums successfully in DYSANCHELY up to now. In this formation, the group gave plenty of concerts all around Slovakia and occasionally abroad (Czech republic, Hungary).

So far the last change has been the decision of Braňo to give up bass guitar (2004) and this position has been taken over by Roman Liška. DYSANCHELY and its actual members - Braňo, Dodo, Roman, Mičič, Jojo, is often on the stage and works hard to create some new material.

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