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Divine Heresy


Metalcore, Death Metal


2005, Los Angeles, California / New York City, New York

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Travis Neal - Vocals (2008-) (The Bereaved, Persquareinch, Pushed)
Dino Cazares - Guitars (2005-) (Fear Factory, Brujeria, Asesino, Excruciating Terror, Body Bag, Hated...And Proud!)
Joe Payne - Bass (2007-) (Domination Through Impurity, Lecherous Nocturne, Lust of Decay, Nile)
Tim Yeung - Drums (2005-) (Hate Eternal, Decrepit Birth, Council of the Fallen, Aurora Borealis (USA), Windbreed, Shaithus, The Tenth Circle, Agiel, Vital Remains, World Under Blood, Assjack, Morbid Angel)


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Divine Heresy



Divine Heresy is an American metalcore/death metal band, formed in 2006 by Fear Factory and Asesino guitarist Dino Cazares. After searching for a drummer, he recruited Tim Yeung, a former member of Vital Remains and Hate Eternal. After successful jam sessions, they decided to form the band.

After eight months of writing and rehearsing, Cazares recruited Tommy Vext as the band's vocalist. They then recorded their debut album Bleed The Fifth between February and May 2007.

After the completion of the recording phase, Cazares announced that the band had signed with a North American deal with Century Media Records, and a licensing deal with Roadrunner Records for outside territories.

Recently, Cazares brought in former Nile bassist Joe Payne for touring and future recording (Dino did the bass tracks on the album).

Tommy Vext is a Brooklyn, NY native. He originally sang for the Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn, NY band Vext.

Tommy Vext was kicked out from Divine Heresy involving an on stage dispute whether to end their set early or not. He was replaced with Travis Neal.

Travis Neal is from San Diego, CA and is the vocalist for Sweden's The Bereaved as well as LA based band HateTimesNine.

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