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Knives of Ice

DIM MAK - Knives of Ice

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Joe Capizzi - Vocals (The Dying Light, Cattlepress}
Shaune Kelley - Guitars (Hate Eternal, Ripping Corpse, The Beast))
Scot Hornick - Bass (Alas, Ripping Corpse, Faust (USA))
John Longstreth - Drums (Gorguts, Origin (USA), Skinless (USA), Angelcorpse, The Red Chord, Possession (USA), Exhumed)

Knives of Ice (03:00)
Seeing Crows in Silver (02:16)
Great Worm of Hell (05:51)
Devil Finding Mirror (04:44)
Incident at the Temple Leng (04:18)
Notorious Vectors of Disease (04:20)
Weakener (03:17)
Windowpane (04:17)
Perpetuating Corpses (03:58)
Monolith (04:24)

Datum vydání: 25.duben 2006

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Dim Mak, death metal, progressive, John Longstreth, Shaune Kelley