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Diablo Swing Orchestra


Avant-garde Metal


2003, Stockholm

Současný label:

Ascendance Records


Daniel Hĺkansson - Guitar, Vocals
Ann-Louice Lögdlund - Vocals
Pontus Mantefors - Guitar, Keyboards
Andy Johansson - Bass
Johannes Bergion - Cello
Petter Karlsson - Drums (2010-) (Argento (Swe), Kajarr, Conspiracy, Holocoaster, Therion (Swe))


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Diablo Swing Orchestra



Diablo Swing Orchestra is a Swedish avant-garde metal band. The band was formed in 2003.

MembersDaniel Håkansson – guitars, vocals (since 2003)
Pontus Mantefors – guitars, effects (since 2003)
Annlouice Loegdlund – vocals (since 2003)
Andy Johansson – bass (since 2003)
Johannes Bergion – cello (since 2003)
Petter Karlsson – drums (since 2010)

Former MembersAndreas Halvardsson – drums (2003–2010)
The origin of the name of the band is related both on their website and on their CDBaby description page. The back-story recounts a historically questionable, though amusing, ancestral story beginning in 16th century Sweden. Supposedly, ancestors of the band members performed orchestral works in defiance of the ruling church at the time (possibly the newly installed protestant Lutheran national church, in power during the mid and late 16th century). The orchestra was forced to go into hiding, performing in secret, with the assistance of oppressed peasants during the era. After years of performing for the pleasure of these peasants, the story claims that the church put a bounty on the performers lives, and that this bounty was so high that the orchestra knew they would soon be captured, and thus chose to play a spectacular final show before becoming martyred to the church.

While this account is historically unsupported it does provide a backdrop to DSO's eclectic musical style.

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