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The Healing Process

DESPISED ICON - The Healing Process

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Alexandre Erian - Vocals (2002-2010) (Drums 2002-2003) (Neuraxis, In Dying Days, Hidden Pride, Ion Dissonance)
Steve Marois - Vocals (2002-2010) (Apocaliptic Script)
Éric Jarrin - Guitar (2002-2010) (Heaven's Cry, Necrotic Mutation)
Ben Landreville - Guitar (2009-2010) (Withdraw, Camilla Rhodes, Orphans in Coma, (the) Plasmarifle)
Max Lavelle - Bass (2008-2010) (Goratory, Lecherous, Trauma Concept, Twisted Sacrifice, Compost Pile, Burn in Silence)
Alex Pelletier - Drums (2003-2010) (Deuterium, Apocaliptic Script)

Bulletproof Scales (03:21)
Silver Plated Advocate (03:60)
Immaculate (04:38)
Warm Blooded (03:34)
Retina (03:59)
The Sunset Will Never Charm Us (03:04)
As Bridges Burn (03:16)
Harvesting the Deceased (02:45)
End This Day (03:33)

Datum vydání: 05.duben 2005

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