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Melodic Death, Black Metal


1998, Adelaide, South Australia

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Gregor Pikl - Vocals (Slaughter Thou)
Aaron - Guitars (Sarsekim)
Demir - Guitars (Juggermath)
Rory - Bass
Ozan - Keys (Juggermath)
Ben Sheehan - Drums (Slaughter Thou, Raven Black Night, Quasar (Aus), Of Grator)


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Of Plague and Conquest

neuvedeno, 1970


Deluge is a few different artists:
[1] a Hardcore group from the Netherlands,
[2] a solo project of Jean-Sébastien Roux of Montréal, Canada,
[3] a Christian worship band from Baton Rouge, Louisiana,
[4] a four-piece alternative/rock band from Singapore.
[5] a symphonic black metal band from Adelaide, South Australia
[6] a Dance Grunge band from Western Canada.


[1] Deluge is a promising hardcore band based in the Netherlands. They've managed to create a unique sound with energetic and heavy guitar-riffs, which are in perfect harmony with the melodic piano-parts. The fast but steady rythm section is the base of passionate hardcore in the vein of Stretch Armstrong, Shai hulud and Snapcase. Provoking songs strengthened by personal and socially aware lyrics are coloring the intensive live shows of this band, which is getting more and more well known within a bigger audience. The band have torn their way through the UK, Spain, France, Poland, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Germany as well as sharing the stage with bands like Poison the well (USA), The Zoli Band, Darkest hour, Stampin Ground (UK), Liar (BEL), Do or Die (BEL), Waterdown (GER), L'esprit du Clan (FR), Backfire, Born from Pain, Face Tomorrow and many more, Deluge is ready to explode and plans are made to tour through the US and Japan in 2004.

Former releases "Pianolaincognito" and debut full-length "Spot In The Shadow" received great response from both press and fans, but progression also has it reverse. Driven by different opinions and priorities two members decided to quit the band. Replacement was found, but caused big delays in writing new songs. Finally in September 2002 the band entered the Bunt Studios in Utrecht (NL), again with producer Menno Bakker (NRA, Undeclinable, Mainstrike, Judas Priest) to record their split with US-finest Fordirelifesake. The split was released on January 22, 2003 on Skipworth (Europe & Asia) and on March 25, 2003 on Thorp (USA) and turned out to be even more inspirational, dynamic and passionate.

Members: Auke - vocals, Simon - guitar, vocals, Bart - guitar, keyboards, Tobias - bass, Taco - drums


[2] Deluge is the rhythmic and melancholic continuity of tlon, both aliases of Jean-Sébastien Roux, a creative recluse from Montréal, Canada. After producing three albums, the tlon project was left to hibernate. If it returns from this sleep, it will be to explore a more experimental approach of music and sound.

His first album as deluge is "Departure in affection and new noise", released on the Thinner netlabel in 2004. The music for this project is based on the work of French poet Arthur Rimbaud. Tracks are named after poems and the music has been made around the reading of them.
The following year his second album "The metapop complex" is released.


[3] Deluge is an emerging sound of passionate youth worship from Bethany World Prayer Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Their self-titled, debut album was recorded live at Bethany's annual “Upside Down” youth conference, with over 7,000 radical youth attending. Recorded live over six nights, Deluge includes 12 original tracks. It features wildly energetic anthems like “Make It Loud” and the deeply intimate offerings like “Worshiping You.” Deluge’s focus and aim is to point worshipers to the one true God through Jesus Christ, and to see His glory displayed. The album features lead vocalist/songwriter Jonathan Stockstill who also serves as worship leader for Bethany. In 2006, Jonathan and the Deluge band were featured on the Bethany Live recording Let the Church Rise.


[4] Deluge is an unsigned four-piece band from Singapore, with only a few demos, a few of which are accessible on their myspace. Their music is powerpacked and diverse and varied, not dominated by any vocal or musical part, but a medium where every instrument plays its part and has its own place to shine.

They started as 'Letterhead' consisting of five 14-year olds in 2004. Being all from the same school, the band first started as friends more than anything else. Soon it dawned that music was a major passion that they all shared, and a band seemed like a good idea and an avenue where they could channel this drive. After an unfortunate leave by one member and 4 changes in their name (and from the looks of it, there's going to be 5), they now exist as 4 individuals who have a simple goal as musicians: to use their music as a language.


[5] Deluge was an Adelaide symphonic black metal band that began life in 1996 as a thrash group. Over time the sound developed toward its more harsh, symphonic black metal style and the line-up featured Matt (guitar), Pikl, Adam Allen (bass), Sheehan and Jason van den Dreisen (guitar). This line-up supported Impaled Nazarene in July 1999 and issued a debut CD that was somewhat messy in terms of arrangement and sound but showed some potential nonetheless.

Hodgson replaced Allen in 2001 and for a time Deluge led something of a transitory existence while individual members worked with other projects including Oni (Hodgson) and Slaughter Thou (Pikl and Sheehan, although Pikl is no longer in that band). Hodgson, Matt and van den Dreisen had all left the band by early 2002; by late in the year the band's line-up was Pikl, Sheehan, Tuck, Rory and the Gol brothers, both of whom are also members of Juggermath.

Deluge recorded Diluvial Sorcery in 2003 and it was released late in 2004. A few months later, in early 2005, Deluge announced that it had disbanded.


[6] Deluge is a 3 piece alternative grunge band from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Starting back in high school Deluge has over 4 years experience in the western Canadian music scene and has opened for bands like Social Code, Ten Second Epic and Billy and the Lost Boys. Deluge's current line up consists of David on guitar and vocals, Kurt on bass and backing vocals. They are in need of a new drummer but continue to be writing more material to add to the list of hits. Thus far Deluge has released a 6 song EP under the moniker of "Let's Go, Tokyo!" with plans to release their first full length LP later this year titled "A Flash Fire Of The Lungs". Keep checking back for updates as well as released demos of the new material!

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