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Eunoia Sestava
John Cooke - Guitar
Chris Reese - Vocals
Tom Dring - Drums
Adam Clarkson - Guitar
Oliver Turner - Bass

Simon B - violin on "Five Years"

01. Human Cry
02. Engineering Consent
03. Crime And Disease
04. Night Chant
05. Survivor's Guilt
06. Born In The Caul
07. Burning Bridges And Burning Homes
08. The All Consuming Self
09. Rat King
10. Destroying Everything You Believe In
11. Body Horror
12. On Judith's Birthday
13. Five Years

Datum vydání: 09.březen 2018

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The five musicians responsible for this audio warfare have left their fingerprints over much of the fast and/or heavy music originating out of the Northwest of England (and occasionally further afield) for many years now. To have past/present members of NARCOSIS, THE ERGON CAROUSEL, NAPALM DEATH, VENOMOUS CONCEPT, HORSE BASTARD, MAGPYES and others says more about the depths of sonic depravity that they're capable of, more so than as a claim to fame. The fetid cherry on the fucked-up cake is the production abilities of CORRUPT MORAL ALTAR drummer Tom Dring; as well as taking the reins on this recording, he has been behind the desk for the likes of VENOM PRISON, DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT and DAWN RAY'D — even roping the latter's Simon B in to perform violin on album closer, "Five Years".

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Corrupt Moral Altar, John Cooke, Eunoia, grind, metal, Napalm Death