Disguised Masters (compilation)

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Disguised Masters (compilation) Sestava kapely
Hellhammer - Drums
Sverd - Guitars, Keyboards
Skoll - Bass
Knut Magne Valle - Guitars
ICS Vortex - Vocals

White Tie Black Noise (designed by When for Arcturus) (00:49)
Deception Genesis (06:35)
Du Nordavind (1998 re-recording) (03:54)
Alone (Intellecto & Valle darktrip) (05:21)
The Throne of Tragedy (Phantom FX jungle remix) (06:50)
La Masquerade Infernale (Valle & Hellhammer reconstruction) (02:24)
Master of Disguise (Phantom FX remix with gangstafications by S.C.N.) (04:25)
Painting My Horror (G. Wolf levitation mix) (05:37)
Ad Astra (the Magenta experience) (04:39)
Ad Astra (ensemble version) (07:33)

Datum vydání: 05.červenec 1999

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Producer: Arcturus

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