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Arch Of Hell


Melodic Death Metal


2006, Brno

Současný label:



Swarm - Lead Guitar, Vocals (Before The Dark)
Morticia - Vocals
Childy - Guitar
Ivanow - Bass
Libor - Drums
Moorth - Keyboards


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Arch Of Hell



The band was founded in the beginning of 2006 in Brno, Czech Republic. For a long time we were trying to name the style of music we were creating. And it was not easy, because the beginnings were not so consistent. We see ourselves as playing an aggressively conceived sympho metal – this relates mainly to the new hot material ranking as sympho/melodic metal with death metal edge. Thinking of the band monicker we wanted to bet on a simple card, hence ARCH OF HELL. There are plenty of weird and twisted band names around the extreme music scene, and we hope ARCH OF HELL is simple, easy to remember, yet mysterious.

The original founding line-up consisted of the essential band member Swarm on guitar and vocals, Deamon on another guitar, Jura on bass and charming Iscariah ..boards. The band started working, coming up with the "Overall Death" demo after six months of existence, released after some addition al touches in the end of 2006. At that time, the line up sees some changes, namely Scyrion replaces Deamona on guitar and Indian joins on drums. The demo release receives positive response from fans as well as various reviewers from metal webzines ( – 90%; - 7.5/10). These were the beginnings only, though.

After the release we started to play live. We shared stages in the Czech Republic with international as well as local famous names, such as AGONIZE /Bosnia and Herzegovina/, BLOODY SIGN /France/, PORTIKUS /Slovakia/, SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION, INTERITUS, ABSTRACT ESSENCE, FATALITY, FROM BEYOND, FLOWERWHILE, IQUISTA FIRIEL, INFINITE DARK... And there are other gigs still to come: ARKONA /Russia/, SEEDS OF SORROW /Austria/, RADOGOST /Poland/, ADOR DORATH, AMORTEZ, BELLIGERENCE, ABSURD CONFLICT...

More line-up changes occurred due to different priorities and demands. The band was joined for certain time by another drummer Insomnic who recorded the single Nostalgia (2008). After hopefully the last major line-up change we stay as follows: Swarm – guitar, vocals; Childy - guitar; Ivanow - bass; Moorth – keyboards, fronted by beautiful mezzo-soprano singer Morticia.

In mid 2007 the band started composing new songs, rearranging and developing them over time. After a year of work we have a full length album worth of material, more precisely almost an hour, and plan to hit one of the best metal studios in our country guided by experienced Stanislav Valášek, enjoying also the accompaniment of a string orchestra and a small choir. The title of the album is "One Day", representing a day spent in the mind of a man thinking of a better world than the one we live in.

Current lineup:
Izual - vocals
Tereza - clean vocals
Childy - guitar
Kozdič - guitar
Honza - keyboards
Adam - bass
Paťas - drums
Former members:
Swarm - harsh vocals, guitar

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